What other people have said about The Babysitters

For some reason, if you're in a band, people you don't know are always coming up to you and saying "Oh, you sound a bit like Band X". Which can be nice, or not, depending upon which band they mean. (If anyone ever says "Oh, you sound a bit like Queen", I'll seriously consider suicide.) So anyway, here are the top five bands people have said we sound a bit like...
  1. The Modern Lovers. I'm not sure if anyone has actually said we sound like them, or whether it's just wishful thinking on my part. But we do have the same line-up, and we do an ace version of 'Pablo Picasso'.
  2. The Stranglers. It's a fair cop, I suppose. I'm surprised only one person has ever noticed.
  3. The Go-Betweens. Never heard of them, so your guess is as good as mine.
  4. Elvis Costello and the Attractions. I don't know, people see that we have a keyboard player, and they jump to conclusions.
  5. The Strawbs. Oh, thanks.
If you wanted to get into our good books, you could try comparing us to The Only Ones. We don't actually sound much like them, it's just that they're my favourite band ever. Mind you, Bern (our organ player) likes Level 42, so it's a broad church.

Reviews and comments

"I expected you to be quite dull and crap. But you were really quite good. And funny and boppy." - Jenny Dales
"Proof that Cambridge remains a city of innovation doesn't come much more positive than The Babysitters." - Cambridge Evening News
"Also benefiting from the lower volume and higher clarity were The Babysitters, whose English quirk-pop was very entertaining, thanks in no small part to everyone being able to hear their frequently hilarious lyrics.
Musically, they were in the best music hall tradition with echoes of early Supergrass, David Devant and a more frivolous Supernaturals, all cheesy organ, bouncy bass and, as fellow judge Giff rightly said, the best guitar sound so far." - Dan King (Rock Scene, Cambridge Evening News)

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