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Maybe you've seen us live and the sound was a bit dodgy and you could have sworn that we played a song about predatory fish. Or maybe you're a member of The Charlatans and you're looking for some songs to nick. Or perhaps you've just heard that the boss won't be back until tomorrow, but you can't clock out until five. Anyway, I suppose it's theoretically possible that you might be interested in our songs. No, really, they're ace, and they have cracking tunes too. Here...


We have recorded two albums/EPs. You can get the songs as MP3s here:


Babysitters' Second

TV appearances

Back in August 1998, we played at the wedding of Sam's brother, Joe Inglis. Joe was on the popular BBC TV series, Vets In Practice. The wedding was televised and we can be heard (and seen if you are quick) playing. The programme is listed on the BBC website, but unfortunately is currently not available to watch.

Song Lyrics and MP3s


Amsterdam MP3

You came and sat across the aisle from me
On the midnight train
With all your friends from university
And you began to complain
Saying London seems to lose its attraction
There's lots of clubs and stuff but no real action
And now you've read about
What Time Out said about
Where all the real ravers go,

You told us all about cannabis
And which variety's best
How it's actually less harmful
Than alcohol or cigarettes
You want to go where the authorities know
That there's no point in harsh attempts to control it
Where they could live without it
But they're mature about it
Where the streets are paved with grass,

You talked at length about English girls
Their attitude to sex
How they can't admit to themselves that they fancy you
Because they're all repressed
You want to go somewhere the girls are enlightened
Where they relate to men without being frightened
Of masculinity
Or sheer virility
Where they'll be queuing at your door,


Baby MP3

Screaming like a pig in the early hours
Baby's got a message for you
Something in your life is outside your power
There's nothing you can make him do
And baby
Is what you always wanted
Has made you both so happy
Made a proper family
Baby's taking over your life

Remember holding hands in the restaurant
The night you chose to come off the Pill?
And when you told your mother you'd missed a month
She really thought you meant you were ill
But baby
Has got his father's features
And baby
Has got so much to teach us
Now you feel complete
Baby's taking over your life

And now you're lost beside the checkout
Too tired to push the pram
Baby's howling down the aisles
Just because he can

Once, you were the one with a reputation
Stuff your mum would not have believed
Once, you had a topic of conversation
Apart from crawling, nappies and teeth
But now baby
Is lying there so smugly
And baby
Is starting to get ugly
Wrapped you round his finger
Baby's taking over your life


Walk MP3

We come here all the time
There's lots of interesting walks

Good to get out of town
Little ones can run around on walks

Other people wave at us
Because they're doing the same as us
Going for a walk

Out in the 4 by 4
And back to Sunday lunch on walks

The best ones are circular
You get back where you've begun on walks

Other people wave at us
Because they're doing the same as us
Going for a walk


Sharks MP3

See the dark triangles cutting through the waves,
Sending sailors' thoughts to damp and fishy graves.
How these things could appeal
You might not understand,
But anything that eats surfers
Can't be all bad.
And sharks have been around for longer than us
Sharks will be around for longer than us...

Some creatures live by stealing eggs from others' nests,
Some peck at whitened bones for scraps of rotting flesh.
Some live by sucking blood
And some by eating quiche
But sharks don't need an evolutionary niche,
Because sharks have been around for longer than us
Sharks will be around for longer than us...

Life is too complicated on dry land
Sharks live a simple life that everyone can understand

We market death to those who can't afford to eat,
Then congratulate ourselves upon the progress we've achieved.
Vilify the sharks as ruthless killers of the sea
As if they were the only cause of human misery,
But sharks have been around for longer than us
Sharks will be around for longer than us...


Text, music and lyrics copyright (c) Sam Inglis 1997.

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